AboutSince my childhood I have been intrigued by colours. The way colours can be combined to create different images and shapes, and convey different feelings and emotions is very intruiging to me. The seduction of glass mosaic lies in the purity of the colours and the way the pieces are brought together. That is why the colourful art of Mosaic is my passion. In mosaic, each piece is about colours, light, reflection, texture. The gratifying feeling of slowly seeing those different pieces come together and become one beautiful piece of art is why I love mosaic.

I was born in Belgium where my enthusiasm for art grew steadily in my 7 years of studying the subject in Ghent. I taught for a while until I moved to Luxembourg, where I worked in the financial sector for several years. In 2005 my passion for art reignited. I realised that there was another adventure waiting for me. The one of Mosaic.

I started my mosaic lessons in a small atelier in Bertrange before moving to my big and spacious atelier in Uebersyren, where I currently teach dozens of students every month.

I have been making and teaching mosaic for about 10 years now. Yet I still learn from my students every day. Over the years I have participated in Mosaic courses in London, Ravenna, Amsterdam and Spilimbergo and have given many exhibitions in different countries.

 About my Mosaic :

 DSC_0054-(2)My mosaic creations are often inspired by nature. I am fascinated by the puzzle game of mosaic. I am intrigued by the reflectivity of Materials. My work is about colours and light.
I work with a variety of different materials such as marble, vitreous glass, stained glass, smalti, millefiori, Ravenna reflective glass, gold and silver from Ravenna.  I like to combine shiny materials with raw materials ultimately bringing them together in a harmonious manner, creating both small and larger wall pieces. Everything I make is created by hand and I use a variety of nippers, cutters and hammer to control each tesseare shape.

“Mosaic is an endless journey of exploration and discovery.”

About my Atelier:

I like to think of my studio as Luxembourg heart and soul of Mosaic. My spacious Atelier is a hub for creative activity for many people from around Luxembourg. Weekly I receive many people who over the years have become fanatics about this very special artform. To them, my atelier has become a home to their creative inspiration and their artistic side.

People are welcomed with open arms in my atelier by me and all the other students. The friendly environment makes everybody feel at home an


The studio of  Mosaic Lacroix is located in Uebersyren, 10 minutes from Kirchberg and 15 minutes from the City center of  Luxembourg.

By car:            Highway Trier, Exit Munsbach Niederanven
By Bus:           Bus 144: stop Kreisgaas
By train:          direction Trier stop Munsbach