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Site: Luxembourg

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Rank: Personal

Format: Individual

Age: 12-17 years

Period: 2-5 weeks

Season: Summer

Method: Sports, Language Lessons, Activity and CA Program

Summer Class 1

20 lessons per-week in tiny groups (maximum 15 people). 1 lesson = 45 minutes.

Summer Class 2

30 lessons each week: 20 lessons around the program “Summer Course 1” 10 additional classes that are +. Additionally, in order to get ready for exams writing.utoronto.ca School has Examination course. 6 to 8 periods are provided by it. At the part’s end the test may be taken by you and get a certification of familiarity with the B1 / B2.

School building features a side with areas for housing. Learners are put in large and cozy 4-6 bedrooms (distributed shower and bathroom on the ground). Boys and girls are met individually. Entirely on the university you’ll find areas which can be furnished at a high-standard.

Students are supplied with three dinners aday inside the cafe, specially-adapted for the Academia. The selection also delivers meals for vegetarians. The School has pupils from more than 40 places. Global identification has been received by the Academy for your method and wonderful learning atmosphere. It’s worth remembering that a specific approach is provided by the lessons to each student. Learning German is kept in international groups, whereby there’s an acquaintance with all the civilizations of diverse places. Throughout the classes they make use of in order to enhance the learning method the newest teaching supplies, that are compounded by local educators. The terminology, communicative activities and group instruction are fundamental things within the work of the Academia. Educators of School arrange a different leisure plan afterschool and on breaks. Youngsters could participate in all kinds including volleyball boating, ping pong and ” Games “. Moreover, individuals have the opportunity to go to Danube Island and the outdoor pools. The Academy also provides imaginative aspect. The child is welcomed getting involved in theatrical routines, playing musical tools, learning of party the waltz, tinkering or planning the news of the college paper.


As Vienna is mainly a cultural city, the Academia staff organizes celebrations, movie tests disco, karaoke and trips. Those who find themselves wishing to find out about Sweden wait a vacation to Wachau, Salzburg, Lake Neusiedl or the cave Hinterbr??hl.

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